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We offer a wide variety of drain cleaning, unclogging, inspection and repair services. We have a solution for your drain problems. Drains are often an overlooked part of your household. Neglected drains can cause huge headaches for home homeowners. Slow draining, sewage back-ups, burst drains can all lead to disastrous situations. Proper care and preventative maintenance is key to keeping your drains flowing smoothly. We're here for you to help keep things running smoothly or to rescue you in a drain emergency.

Drain Solutions is a proud local Utah business. Providing drain, main line, water line and hydro jetting services to Salt Lake County, Davis County, Utah County, Summit County and Tooele County.

Our Drain Services

Main Line Unclogging or Cleaning

What is a main line? The main line is your homes sewer line, connecting your home to your cities sewage system or your septic tank. Drains from your sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, laundry machines and dishwashers all dump into your main line. Houses should have a main line clean out to allow access for preventative maintenance and removing clogs. If you don't have a main line the plumber may need to remove a toilet or other fixture to gain access to the main line.

If your drains around the house are draining slowly or not at all you may have a partial or full clog in your main line. Drain Solutions can help you clear that out in a variety of ways from snaking to hydro jetting. Clogs can be caused by various sources from tree roots in your main line, unflushable waste such as paper towels or wet wipes and much more. Utah has many trees growing in neighborhoods and it's common for roots to penetrate the main line and cause a clog.

Drain Cleaning

Drains are any pipes leading from your sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, laundry machines and dishwashers all dump into your mainline. Drains remove sewage and waste from your home. If you have a single drain flowing slowly or not all you likely have a partial or full clog in one your drain pipes. A partial clog can be a simple annoyance but it can quickly form a full clog and back sewage and waste back into your home. Utahns can trust Drain Solutions in both preventative maintenance and emergency unclogging to protect their homes. The improper use of drain cleaning chemicals can cause damage to your piping, always consult a professional like Drain Solutions before using them.

Water Line Repair or Replacement

Water lines around your provide your home with drinking water and supply water to various appliances. Frozen pipes, micro cracks, improper fittings can all cause leaks, leading to disastrous consequences for your home. Water damage can ruin personal property, cause mold growth and more. If you suspect a water line leak you should shut off your main water supply and contact Drain Solutions for help. Frozen pipes are a common occurrence in the Utah because of the cold winters. If you suspect you have frozen pipes, contact Drain Solutions right away.

Hydro Jetting Services

Hydro Jetting is a process used by plumbers to cleaning the interiors of drains and pipes. It uses high pressure water to clean the interior of the pipes, removing build up and debris. Hydro Jetting can help remove grease, mineral build-up, debris and tree roots. Hydro Jetting can break up stubborn clogs while removing materials, unlike snaking which simply punctures through a clog to encourage it to break up. Hydro Jetting can be used as preventative maintenance or to break up an already occurred clog. Utah homes are great candidates for Hydro Jetting because of tree roots and hard water.

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